Putting cash in the circular file and lighting it on fire…

putting cash in the circular file

Let me tell you a quick story about one of my clients.

An extremely smart Dr. who’s taken his knowledge and created a program that drastically helps people.

I thought since you have a good idea of where we are at, it would be wise to ask you if you think this next program would be a good fit for us, or if you think it may serve us better to go with an agency to get us further out of the gates. 

My reply in part has to do with information, or more importantly how much is already available.

People who develop deep expertise in a subject, are naturally information junkies. 

We (and I put myself in this little torture device) want to really understand a subject before we take action.

We want to “get our heads around it”.

But here’s the problem…

Information is everywhere. 

There are countless hours of video on YouTube, 3 million new blog posts are published every single day, and the average “expert” is drowned out in a sea of sameness.  

We have people who think they’re a Doc because they ran a Google search.

Lawyers because they went to Legal zoom. 

And (I’m sorry to say business coaches and consultants) because they read .COM Secrets and opened a ClickFunnels account. 

I’m all for taking action but I have a real problem when someone is willing to risk another person’s business or worse.

Building a business is about leverage and execution.  But the success (or failure) is built on systems.

When I took my last business from a hair under 3M and built it to more than 60M, it wasn’t because of a new marketing or sales tactic. 

It was because of the systems I put in place that allowed me to leverage my time to deliver maximum impact.

So, when I get an email or a question like this…the answer is pretty simple.

If a program is setup for you to take action and execute, then you save time and it’s worth the investment.

Otherwise, you could put your money in the circular file and use it for heat. 

Invest in programs designed to execute, and see your business grow.

Brandon “A little fired up this morning” Pugsley

P.S.  I’m in the final phases of an implantation program, and I’m looking for case studies.  Expect it to last about 6 weeks.  If you consider yourself an action taker, deliver your expertise to clients, and feel that you’re not getting the income or impact you want from your business.  Just contact me and I’ll share the details.

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