Make the hard…crystal clear

“All new ideas, fashions, businesses, and trends begin on the edges… This is where innovations take place.” – Bill Bonner

It shouldn’t be hard.

After all…this is what we do. 

We spend time architecting campaigns, building strategy, and then putting it in place so it doesn’t consume every single minute.

Over about a 24 hours period, I built a follow-up campaign, several emails, a couple of landing pages.

But…I’ve been lax in getting my email to you.

A failure?

Well, in my mind…yes.

I absolutely beat on my clients to communicate and build a relationship with their audience.

You can do it with social, but that’s more talking at…

With email, you get to be personal.  You get to engage in discussion, be real, and actually have those conversations.

And when you do that, you don’t need the arm twisting, psychology, scarcity, or BS that seems to be taught waaaay too much.

I don’t want to be that person, and if you’re reading this email you probably don’t either.

So, a simple question…

“What do you want?”

Last week, I was in San Diego consulting with a well-known author on his upcoming funnel. 

We were working on getting rid of his “launch” and moving more towards a more sustainable business for him.

That simple question, “what do you want”, drove 2-days of discussions.

It also clarified something in my own mind.  Something that had been bothering me, but I really hadn’t been able to articulate.

It made it simple to really see…and thus I’m able to execute against it.

What about you?

Are you spending your time doing tasks that you shouldn’t?  Maybe self-distracting because you’re not clear on the right path forward? 

Or maybe you’re like me.  You’re not exactly sure, but you’re going to work it until you figure it out. 

We’re funny creatures that way.  Always pushing and working because we believe that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Sometimes we figure it out, but in my experience I’ve needed someone else to help me break through. 

For me at least, when I don’t have clarity I move to the middle.  To the center-mass where it’s easy to work, but difficult to build and stand apart.

That’s what clarity will do.

So…what do you want?

Brandon “Clarity isn’t found alone” Pugsley

P.S.  I’ll tell you a little more about my trip over the next couple of days…because there were so many real lessons that can make a major difference in your business and more.

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