Even the kids are vibrating with excitement

Mom, dad, 2 sons, and 1 daughter…completely drenched, covered in mud, tired, and laughing through a day of exercise.

What sorcery can cause such madness!

Have you ever hear of the Tough Mudder race?       

Gotta tell ya’ about the ‘mini-me’ version…

Picture this:

There’s an obstacle course setup that’s challenging, but easy enough that kids can do it.

Add some water and mud (because who doesn’t like that).

Invite the parents to participate.  Add some prizes for completing the course.  Maybe even give a way for people to run the course more than once…because, hey, we’re dirty anyway. 

Now, you’re mostly competing against yourself, but it’s setup as a ‘race’ to bring out the competitive beast in everyone.

Well today we’re taking 3 of the 4 little ones (G. is just too young) and we’re running this muddy adventure.

The kids are ‘over the moon’ excited about the whole thing too…

But I totally see the layers and layers of edutainment being used in this “business”. 

They, Tough Mudder and others like them, have totally embraced the use of edutainment. 

They beautifully combine exercise (boring), some personal development (more boring) and mud (which is straight entertainment) to create this compelling activity that people are literally lining up to pay to be a part of…

They built everything to encourage you to get dirty, to act like a kid yourself, and to make memories. 

Straight butta’

There are so many lessons here, that I could spend weeks talking about ‘em.

But…the question is, does this give YOU some ideas?

Ways you can talk about your program, and add some fun and excitement to entice prospects to seek you out?
Well, in this month’s edition of ‘The Daily Lead’ I’m giving you a grab bag of ways to embrace the proverbial obstacle course and bring some edutainment to you.  
You get to jump of the high platform (not knowing how to get started), and to get you through the muddy ravine to the land of plenty.
But, this month’s edition closes in less than 48 hours…

Brandon “Get Dirty and Play” Pugsley

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