Keep ‘Overdeliver’ from becoming cliché

Certain phrases tend to put my teeth on edge.

Mostly because they are parroted as truth and then blatantly ignored.

It’s the facade of the internet in many cases, ‘I’m big, famous, a gu-roo…but my business is imploding because I haven’t adjusted’.

This isn’t limited to internet biz’s either.  In my own experience, I’ve personally rebuilt multiple businesses multiple times…


Because people change.  The buying habits of people change with them.  And, it’s incumbent on the biz to adjust to keep up.

One of the biggest drivers change is social media (and you can either adopt or go by way of the dinosaur…up to you…)

Ok. Have you ever heard the name Brian Kurtz?

Brian is a famous name in the direct response industry.  He’s been through it all…

He’s a master, a giant, a titan.  And from everyone that I’ve talked to who actually knows him, a genuinely good person.  (Funny how often that is when you get to the highest levels of success.)

Well, he’s released a book called Overdeliver. 

At face value, I would grab it immediately.  I’m well into it and it’s a great read.

But Brain took that the concept of ‘overdeliver’ and demonstrates how to do it.

He’s including 11 veeerrry cool bonuses that come from some of the biggest Titans of marketing just for purchasing a copy.

(I don’t know actual retail value on it…but it’s at least a $2,000 real value.  Meaning people paid that much for some of this material.)

This is not an affiliate link, and I get no benefit by highlighting this book.

I just believe in learning from those who have consistently proven how to grow (through multiple market shifts).

Brandon “Keep Learning” Pugsley

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