You can kill me…Just don’t BORE me

In the late eighties Clint Eastwood played a crusty old Marine Gunny Sergeant that whips a group of young Marines into shape in kind-of-a-comedy called Heartbreak Ridge

It was a humorous movie that created some great one-liners that you still hear today.  I can still hear that gravelly voice:

  • “You can rob me.  You can starve me. You can beat me.  You can kill me….just don’t BORE me!”
  • “Improvise, adapt, overcome”
  • “You’re beginning to bore the hell out of me…sir!”

Anyway, I’m kind of a fan of his attitude.

And especially the “just don’t bore me” style.

Gunny really got that a bored mind doesn’t engage, and that he needed to keep changing things up or he’d lose ‘em.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well Gunny’s consequence of being boring was “getting his rear shot off in a foreign land”. 

What’s the impact to you?

I’m positive that you’re not boring when you teach…

Why? Because I get that the concept of “disguised reps” is a fundamental part of every program.

I know you’ve seen your student’s eyes glaze over in the middle of a class and mentally gone, “uh oh”…time to change it up”.

And I wonder why you don’t extend this to your lead gen?

You’ve got the personality, you’ve got the skills, and yet…you’re boring the very people you’re trying to bring in.


Alright, let’s get off the porch.  If you want to fire up this machine, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Stop being boring (good)
  2. Be entertaining (Better)
  3. Make more sales (BEST)

And the first step is to grab this issue of The Daily Lead

(And right now, it’s completely free)

Brandon “Semper Fi” Pugsley

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