“It’s Everything you ever want”

It’s everything you ever need.
And it’s here right in front of you.
This is where you wanna be

Have you ever seen The Greatest Showman? 

It’s a movie based on the story of PT Barnum…yes, the PT Barnum that created the “circus”.

Those lines above are some of the lyrics.  But I like them because they cut right through all the noise we face every day…

Because no matter where you are, you can mentally put yourself into them and see exactly where you want to be.

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – PT Barnum

The movie because it’s designed to connect emotionally, and honestly I really enjoyed the show.

But, that cotton candy emotional tug doesn’t last if it’s used for motivation.

It doesn’t have depth.

Right now, what do you use to drive through extremely hard situations?

I can tell you that countless athlete’s, performers, and business people use a deep emotional connection and tap into it when it gets hard. 

Truly, it’s a deep motivator that only you can bring.

It’s the one thing that a coach can’t provide, and it’s critical.

The Greatest Showman reminded me about it…and that was important.

Because those deep emotional triggers give you an energy that can’t be created.  It’s already there, and that trigger is what allows you to bring it forward.

And, it doesn’t matter what it is…only that you connect to it emotionally.

When I first got into business, it was very focused on money and proving people wrong.

(Still am in some ways, but there’s more nuance now J )

Anyway, we all have those moment’s in our past, and you need to tap into them.

When you bring those to the dance, there’s no way you going to allow ANYTHING to stop you from accomplishing your goals.


That passion.  That emotion.  That drive…

It all carries you forward.

So this morning, when the routine of a Monday tries and grab hold.

            “It’s right here in front of you.”

            “This is where you wanna be”

Write that connection down…embrace it…and let’s GO!

Brandon “Go deeper” Pugsley

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