It’s a freaking robot…

We’re in the season of promotions.

But what if your email never gets seen by the people on your list…

In late September, Google rolled out their latest version of the Panda update.

Now, they tell us a little about what’s going on, but seeing the impact on email has been huge.

I’ve seen hundreds of emails from dozens of businesses and personal accounts, and the majority of non-personal email are totally eaten by the Gmail promotions folder or the Spam box.

If you haven’t noticed, you may need to check those folders and see what you’ve missed J

The question is why now…what’s the long game with Google.

Is it to have only personal email in our Primary inbox? 


Recently I was listening to a podcast with Ken McCarthy where he was talking to Ben Settle about subject lines.

And Ben said something that jumped off the page to me.

He said, “I try and write subject lines that nobody has written before”.

This crystalized something that I’ve been struggling to articulate.

We know that Google using AI to read and decide about the final destination of your email. 

So patterns are absolutely playing into this.

It’s why hypey messages are getting destroyed.  But, it’s also paying attention to interaction and engagement with your email.

How do you combat this freaking machine?

Focus your efforts on talking to and building engagement with your audience.

It doesn’t mean you can’t sell in your email because you should, but it also means that email as a channel is going to be maximized by those that work on engagement from their audience.

Good news for you! 

Since your personality and your connection works with social algorithms and also increases your sales.

Funny how that works…

Brandon “Work with the Big G” Pugsley

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