Iron Man, Hulk, Cinderella, and a Fireman…

…you just never know what they’re going to pick.

Yep, it’s Halloween and the kids are hopped up on sugar, bouncing off the walls, and looking for more.

Yesterday I got one of those “flashback videos” in Facebook.  It was only from a year ago, but it made me smile.

(Here’s the video, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you J )

With so many energetic kids running around like crazy, it seems a miracle that we get anything done.

But…focus we try and sometimes actually accomplish what we’re trying to finish. 

The question is…why?

Is it the money?  Family time?  Travel?  Experiences? 

No judgement here.  Because every single one of us has to pick those things that will carry you over the bumps and bruises that happen in business. 

I’ve been pouring these questions in my own mind lately too.

I love the time with the kiddos, and I find myself really enjoying the clients I get to work with…

It’s an interesting realization that I like to work again.  I get up excited and launch into creating the right strategies, and then building them out.

What about you?  What keeps you coming back every day?

It’s an important question that we often shuffle to the back of the to-do list.

But for today…enjoy the fun of Halloween.  Watch the smiles, the bouncing steps of all the little ones, and know that there’s plenty of Chocolate for everyone!

Energy is contagious, just like motivation.

Happy Halloween!

Brandon “Enjoy the moments” Pugsley

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