“I’m overthinking this…”

…can we jump on a call”.

I got this text a few weeks ago from a good friend…and yes he’s a client too.

He had just spent a couple of weeks promoting his most recent product.

(Which is killer, but not the point!)

Like most of our conversations, we immediately dove into getting results for his client.


It wasn’t about increasing sales, getting more leads, or the ninja tricks of the funnel.

It was simply about making sure his product delivered for his clients.

So, we started unpacking his product delivery, and the customer journey.  We walked through the promises he made on his sales page, and talked about where the client was.

And, what was the #1 problem that this program was set to solve.

His issue, and one that I see frequently, is in how to overdeliver.

Piling on hours-and-hours of teaching and content is great, but the end state for many is overwhelm.

It’s fantastic to go deep, but if you do…are you introducing complexity that will leave your client confused?

Keep it simple:  take them where they are, and teach them how to solve their current problem. 

Ultimately, you need to make sure they get success from that product.  That’s when they’ll actually looking to you for the next opportunity.

The benefit for you…it’s how you move one of the 3-critical apexes for your business…LTV.

All because you simply focused on getting them results, rather than on the next sale.

And, simplified THEIR process.

Funny little world we live in isn’t it…

Brandon “Their journey matters” Pugsley

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