If you’re going to be stupid you might as well be smart…

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The subject line is a quote from the great, and esteemed Bobby Singer of the TV show “Supernatural.” (Thanks ElBenbo)

Seriously, how can losing 4-Billion dollars be anything other than out-of-your-mind, chased too many parked cars, playing on the freeway insane?

Ok, Let’s take the red pill and check out…”the real”.  Because this is a perfect case of polarizing your audience in a way that has waaay more upside than down.

What if you could speak to a very specific segment of your market?  The segment that probably isn’t the biggest driver of your business…right now.  But is set to become the biggest success factor for your business in the next 2-4 years.

Would you take that opportunity?  To really take a risk with a segment that isn’t paying all the bills yet?

The upside is, if you get it right, this starts building a bond that could last a lifetime.

Of course, there’s a downside too…

You’re going to get hit!  Customers are going to call you names, the press is going to have a field day, you’re going to be a running punchline on Facebook, and some of your customers are going to leave.  Maybe even…a LOT of them…

Would you still jump and take that chance?

Just raising the stakes a little more…but you could miss entirely.  Not only would you tick off your existing clients, but you’d drive that segment you’re trying to connect with directly to your competition.

David Ogilvy said, “use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.”

So, what did Nike do here?

First, the entire ad is focused on the younger demographic for Nike, which is where their future growth comes from.

It’s also a market that has been active with their MONEY and TIME (the only thing that really matters).

So, polarizing to connect with that market makes this smart.

But, what makes the ad really work was it was almost entirely a story.

And it showed the unspoken pains, frustrations, and desires.

  • No corporate speak, logic, or sterile language
  • No features or benefits about the product
  • Just simple storytelling to allow the audience to see themselves

What can you learn from it?

You have to get beyond the surface with your audience.  Move beyond features and benefits, and find those unspoken pains, frustrations, and desires.

THEN…we move into stories.

Here’s where to start…

[thrive_2step id=’3586′]Download >> Real Market Insight

This simple worksheet is setup so you’ll capture info that gets past the “talking points”, and begins to uncover the real language that enables you to connect with your audience.

As you drill deeper into your market, this sheet becomes even more valuable.  It builds and captures the raw material for new hooks, campaigns, and maybe even new offerings.

But, without this info…

Brandon “find their story” Pugsley

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