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Free Download: How to Build your Ideal Customer Profile

Increase Sales by Building The Most Critical Piece of Your Marketing Foundation

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Avatar worksheet

Fill out this simple worksheet, have all your ideal customer profile information in one document at your fingertips.

Once completed, you'll have the questions and space at your fingertips to...

  • Attract more people to your creating a clear usable customer profile
  • Discover where to reach your customers and who else is understanding "a day in the life" of your ideal customer
  • Connect and speak direclty to "why they should buy"...develop critical personal insights to your customer's pain points
  • Build trust without a face-to-face conversation... by aligning your copy to speak to individual desires, fears, and obstacles

The customer profile will help you attract the people you want to work with. The more clear you become, the more effective your message. Let's get started!