I knew I was in trouble…and there was nobody to help

This was bad.

I’d just been pulled over the top of a wave.

I was “in the wash”.

Tumbled over and over…

White water, crashing, spinning, and no idea which way was up.

Holding my breath and waiting on the sea to calm.


I breached the surface…but it was too late.  Another 4,000 pounds of water was already crashing on my head.

“Oh sh*t”, half-a-breath, and I was tossed like a rag doll again.

My lungs were burning, I still didn’t know which way was up, and that water was powerful.

No chance.  Over and over I tumbled, and I felt the 3rd wave crash.

I was hoping that someone saw me.  Someone to grab ahold of and pull me out…

But when a wave rolls over you like that…it’s just foam.  You can’t see anything until it clears. 

I thought I felt the sand…  Maybe if I could push off I could break through and catch a breath of life giving air.

So, I pushed…hard!  Just water.

I knew I was in deep trouble!

Yes, this is a true story.

Yes, I nearly drowned that summer day on that calm off-season day at the beach in Waimea 

Yes, I gained a whole new appreciation for how quickly the ocean can change.

But that’s the reality we deal with every day in our business.

It’s a constantly changing world, where you have to know how to “surf” in order to catch a wave, rather than get smashed by it.

Worse still, when your head’s down generating cash flow, it’s like you’re in the wash trying to hold on long enough to get a breath.

Like me getting half-a-breath, you generate just enough profits to keep you alive before you’re buried under another wave…

If you’ve had enough of getting pummeled by the big waves, and are ready to have someone guide you through the break. 

It may be time.

I’m looking for 3 clients who are looking to add a new 20K+ monthly revenue stream to their business as we really get going into 2020.

First a quick warning from your friendly lifeguard.  If you’re looking for something ”get rich quick” this isn’t for you.  This is a full done-for-you service for real businesses where I’m putting skin in the game, and I’ll expect you to be involved too.

This will be expensive because I’m personally doing the work, and I really can only take on a couple of clients at a time so that I deliver on my promise.

The good news is that I’m doing this as a proof of concept, so this introductory pricing is as low as it will ever be.

If you’re tired of being tossed around, then just reply to this email and I’ll send you a couple of questions and we’ll talk.

(You’ll actually be talking directly to me, and I’m not a “sales guy” so there won’t be any of that high pressure closing crap.)

I put too much time and energy into the clients I work with, so if we’re not a good fit…that’s no problem. 

Does this make sense?  Interested? 

Cool…reply and let’s talk.

Brandon “sweet oxygen” Pugsley

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