How To Profit From Skeptics

I saw a post where a program owner was looking for some sales support.

Being the ever curious bloke that I am, I sent a little note his way.

We ended up having a brief conversation about following up with people who didn’t immediately respond.

For dealing with skeptics.​​  

His approach was to send an email, and then make direct contact with a phone call.
The 101 playbook.  That process works, is as old as Apple Pie.  (And absolutely no judgement).
But…if you’ll allow me a minute to take a virtual machete to this overgrown thicket of “truth”.
Awhile back I saw an except of GaryVee giving a keynote, “How many of you hate talking on the phone?”  
Virtually every attendee raised their hands.
These folks weren’t “bottom of the barrel” workers coasting through.  Every person paid thousands of dollars to be there.  These were the motivated.  The hard chargers.  The ones that actually buy and spend money on programs.
In short…they’re representative buyers and people you want to engage.
What does this have to do with your program?

Well, I’m glad you asked.
If the best, brightest, and hardest chargers hate talking…

How many sales are you throwing away by trying to take a prospect that showed a little interest, and “get on the phone” with them? 
By not ‘talking’ to them in their native language, they feel pressure…and how many walk away without a single contact.  Ghosted! 
If there is was a way to turn more of those leads into customers, would it be worth exploring?  
A way that keeps people engaged with you, and connects in ways that build to a decision in their language. 
Could you make the whole system enjoyable, and maybe even show a little personality? 

(Like you do now when you engage in person.) 
Yes, ol ossified one.  Yes, I think you could…
The July edition is all about how to turn those skeptics into customers…and keep it fun in the process. 
Time is getting short for the early bird pricing.
Brandon “Semper Gumby”  Pugsley

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