How To Book More Sales By Offering Less Value

On a whim, I looked up the most popular TV shows in 2019.  (I really don’t care too much because I don’t watch much TV, but I wanted to test a theory).
It’s not what was there that was interesting, but what wasn’t …
Not a single show in the top 100 was education based. 

What does that say about where we actually put our attention (and spend our dollars)?
How does this impact you and your program? 
Well, the drumbeat of pushing content…content…content is out of control.
But everything the market is telling us about content is…
People want to be entertained.
I like to study and learn from people who are masters at creating a disguised sales pitch.

They mix and merge education with sales so masterfully that their ads are interesting, useful, and yes entertaining.  
Make no mistake however, there is absolutely an agenda to persuade and sell.

I call this “edutainment”.  
No I didn’t create the concept or the word, but it’s become the foundation of everything I do to generate more leads and sales. 
When you use intros and consults, you have to stay in front of your audience to create the draw for you and your program. 
That’s why I’m such an advocate for a daily message.  
It’s also why I recommend and use video myself.  It’s a very powerful medium for persuasion when done right (and you don’t have to be an “A” level copywriter to make it work). 
Because edutainment is about your personality.
Which can’t be copied.  It can’t be ripped off.  
Oh, and the biggest benefit?   
By delivering edutainment, you naturally create demand for you and your program.  
Alright, this has gotten a little long in the tooth.

To take the first steps to learn how to use your personality to sell your program:
Brandon “Be a personality” Pugsley
P.S.  Warning…that truly is an “early bird” page, so wait at your own risk 🙂

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