How the tortoise and the hare both win…

Fast always wins.

Slow and steady wins the race.

I have a client that is an extreme hare.  He’s never met a project he doesn’t like, and is an amazing creative.  Puts the squirrel in ADH…oh look, a squirrel.

I have another client that laser focuses in on ONE PROJECT.  He systematically works through every step, email, sales page, and ensures the content, documents, and materials are top shelf.

Both companies are doing very well (in fact they’re within a hair’s width of the exact same monthly revenue).

One I can virtually guarantee you’re heard of, and the other one…you’ll never hear about.

Completely different entrepreneurial and business execution styles.

Why do both of these styles work? 

Because these owners built their business around how to effectively use their personality within their processes.

You need to understand this to maximize your results.

If you need deadlines to get tasks accomplished, then you’ll likely spend a lot of your time scrambling (A Hare).  If you have the follow-through to just work and get ahead of tasks, then there are other opportunities too (A Tortoise) .

Neither is “right”…

The key is finding the people (and resource) who align with how you work. 

If you’re a “fast starter”, a tortoise will drive you crazy.  “They can’t keep up…”.

If you’re really focused on follow-through, then deadlines likely add stress to your life because you’re always ahead of the curve. “Why is everything last minute”.

Recognizing this tendency allows you to work with the resources (PEOPLE) to contribute to your objectives, without adding unnecessary stress.

What I call drama… 

Avoid it like the dirty horde of criminal miscreants it is!

And watch your productivity and business soar…

So, which personality are you:  fast starter, or the follow-through machine?

Brandon “A little more hare than tortoise” Pugsley

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