How every subconscious mind works against you

You can’t throw a rock without someone talking about the power of your subconscious mind.

Yet, the subconscious mind of your prospect (the people in your audience) actually works against you!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “don’t make me think”.

For you to really expand your business, you have to make them think!

Look at the behavior of how people consume email.

Even a quick peek tells me that they get a lot, so they’re left with a choice.

Do they clear their inbox, or let it build?

No matter, what that means is that you have a very small and precious window of opportunity to get your email looked at…let alone read.

(And for all you social fanatics out there…that sliver of time is even smaller.)

Think about that basic act of working through the trough your daily email stack…what do we know?

Well, they most likely do it on their phone, they do it in batches, and they skim…then simply read or delete.

But, which pile do you fall into?

This is where their subconscious mind is working against you.

People are already overworked, with too much to do, and not enough time. 

And now, here you are with your email trying to consume so more of that precious brainpower.

…‘swipe left – delete’ …

If you want to use email to drive sales, and it’s by far the highest revenue generating media available, then you have to get past that subconscious gate keeper. 

You have to kick down the door, and make that conscious mind engage. 

That’s your only shot.

That means that you have to build subject lines that reach in and grab your audience by their subconscious, and pull it forward.

Only when you get conscious mind to engage do you get your email read, get engagement, and…of course…make more sales. 

That’s one of the key principles of my system and how I teach to build follow-up systems.

So, avoid those cut-n-paste formula’s and bring on your personality.

There’s no way you can stand out if you sound like everyone else…

Brandon “Standing out is a choice” Pugsley

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