How enthusiasm kills sales…

How do you feel?

You walk into a store with your significant other.  You’re casually looking at the merchandise and the salesmen starts walking your way…

Do your defenses start to go up?  What about when you’re talking about your business?

Do you get excited when you talk with someone new?

Virtually everyone I know gets excited when they talk about what they do.

It’s very natural.  If you didn’t like something about your business, there are plenty of other things to do…right? 

How about when you write an ad, article, or even an email…

There’s even an amazing book called, “Enthusiasm makes the difference”.

And it does!  You need that energy to keep moving quickly.  To engage multiple people and attract people to your business.  To keep your defenses against the negative energy that you’ll get hit with when you’re trying to do something significant.

But there is a transition that has to occur during your customer journey.

Think back about the last time you had an email, phone call, or even a conversation with a person about your product or service.

Did you tell them, “I don’t know if this can help you”  Or, “this probably won’t work for you..”

Probably not…but let’s examine this a little closer.

If you’re like 100% of people that are alive, you get slightly guarded when you’re looking to buy. 

You don’t want to be convinced, sold, or hustled.  And you definitely don’t want to be manipulated.

You want to have someone help you make a smart decision that serves your needs.

There’s a very interesting push-pull that happens with enthusiasm, and it has to do with balance.

Now, to be completely transparent, I didn’t come up with this process.  I learned it through the negotiation teachings of the late Jim Camp.  (Known as the most feared negotiator in the world).

But a word of warning. 

This is not a tactic. 

If you blindly apply this and it’s not in alignment with your values and the rest of your business…it will completely drive people away.  It’ll come across as the worst kind of manipulation and that’s not the kind of person or business that anybody wants to deal with.


I have no doubt that you can feel when someone’s defenses go up…even if it’s done with email or a text message.

Here’s how you turn the conversation back into a productive one by moving away from enthusiasm:  

1- Remind them that “no” is a perfectly acceptable answer.  (Remove any pressure)

2- Let them know that you may not be able to help them.  (A slightly negative position)

3- Ask them how they would like to proceed. 

Everything in this very simple process is designed to keep emotion in check, and stay neutral so you can get to the real issues without manipulation, pressure, or any shady “closing techniques”.

And, I don’t take my word for it. 

Experiment with this process in everyday situations, and you’ll quickly develop the confidence to adapt it in your business.

This has already made a 6-figure difference in my business alone…

Brandon “No is a good thing” Pugsley

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