How an injury and a funnel are alike…

Have you ever hurt your neck?

Or maybe pulled a muscle, sprained an ankle, or even just been really…really sore.

Any time we injure ourselves, we very quickly discover that our bodies are a series of systems.

You find that you’re constantly surprised how movements impact an area of your body that are complete disconnected.  

“I never knew I used my neck so much”

It’s a very common phrase, and the injured part really doesn’t matter.

I got banged a couple of days ago on my wrist.

Damn, if I keep finding all the unique ways to use my wrist throughout the course of a day.

And since I spend most of my day in front of a computer, the one area that I expected to hurt (typing) hasn’t bothered me in the least.

But this got me thinking about systems…and more importantly how they are linked.

“The hip bone’s connected to the…thigh bone…”

So how are the steps of your funnel connected?  How do you build an offer or a sale?

Or, let’s turn this upside-down.

When you think about your funnel, which way do you think of the steps???

Most business owners think about generating leads, and then the sales.

I was having a strategy session a couple of days ago with a well known client, and we were talking about webinars.  

He had about 3 different webinars, and we were talking strategy about which one to go with.

Well, I turned the entire problem around…

“What’s the offer that you want to make?”

10 seconds later…we had the answer.

When you start with the offer, then all the systems build to that point.

The key is actually focusing on creating that compelling offer, and working from there.

This leads to more sales, happier customers, and a happier you J


Because when everything builds from the offer, then the marketing, messaging, and people that are attracted to it get what they need to solve their problem.


Brandon “Think differently” Pugsley

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