Hell’s Kitchen lesson to increase sales


The great revealer of greatness…or not.

Have you ever seen Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey? 

He’s the fire breathing chef that takes people and turns one of them into a head chef at a world famous restaurant. 

He’s crass.  Rude.  Direct.  In-your-face.  And really doesn’t care what you think about…well, anything.

He creates an environment that cuts away all the peacocking, the posturing, the ‘talk a good game’ b.s. and gets down to one simple concept.


It’s laser focused on the system of producing great food (results) under intense time, gaze, very public lashing (pressure).

But, here’s an interesting twist.

For all the pressure Ramsey places on the vict…sorry contestants, he places just as much on himself.

He watches every new cooking show to keep from getting complacent.

He constantly talks with producers to find what they haven’t done.  

He even cancelled his own show, which was called Kitchen Nightmares.

So, what criteria does Ramsey judges himself upon?

Pressure (an equal amount on himself as on the contestants)

Quick identification of mistakes.

A short memory (not dwelling on junk).

“Dusting yourself down and being vulnerable”.

You should absolutely apply these lessons to your business.

Not everything is going to be perfect…

It’s not supposed to be.

Improvement happens at the speed of production.

Well, I’m running a little production experiment to start this month.

And speed of action may be on your side

I’m looking for just a couple of folks, who want to deploy an email campaign now.

And the kicker is…I’ll write the whole campaign for you.

(Yes, it’ll be custom tailored to your program.  No it won’t be Fiverr cheap.)

But, if you’re interested in increasing your sales…and want to deploy a ‘done-for-you’ email campaign for your program asap.

Don’t delay.  Obviously I can’t do this for everyone… 


Brandon “Speed over Perfection” Pugsley

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