Have you ever experienced total freedom?

I have a friend of mine who’s a pilot.

He was an airline pilot, but he gave that up.

Didn’t like the idea of being an airborne bus driver and he left that industry some time ago.

He’s gone onto much bigger things 🙂

But he never lost his passion for flying.  For the feeling of freedom that it gives him…

So we were talking and he’s putting the last touches on his private pilot’s license.

“It’ll be the first time I’ve ever flown for myself”, he told me.

He was so excited to finish that up, and his energy carried me right along with him.

As we talked I was amazed how the discussion moved…

From the intense discipline required to fly…the checklists, procedures, and hyper-regimented activity all geared for safety.

And the exhilaration, freedom, and emotion you feel when flying.

Totally cool!

Are there things in your business that really get you excited?

Things that you talk about and it carries your audience along with you.

Most of the people that I like to work with usually get excited about success from their customers…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sales too because you can’t make an impact without the dollars to leverage.

That’s what this upcoming sprint is about.

It’s about a system to create options for you.  To create the opportunity for freedom.

Kind of like a pilot’s decision tree when flying…it’s built as a much more structured process.

And this allows you to:

Work through multiple creatives quickly…

To find out what connects in a step-by-step way (and removes the guesswork)…

Sets you up for the freedom that allows you to play with multiple ideas, beat your existing ad, or even scale. 

Talk about impact…

Just like the pilot you use your creativity and freedom to come up with ideas. 

Then you transition to the decision tree (the structured process) to make sure you keep flying.


Brandon “Experience The Freedom” Pugsley

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