Happy to lose the Whale…

“There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath…”   ― Herman Melville

It finally happened…

“We no longer require your services”. 

And just like that…my largest client, both in revenue and in duration, walked out the door.

But this wasn’t just my largest client, it was a Whale. 

Moby Dick…if you will.

Over time, I’d basically lashed myself to my White Whale.

This limited my options.  Made me dependent upon them.  I would live and die with them…

I’d become Captain Ahab.

Locked in…chasing a single goal.  Chasing my White Whale. 

But what happens…when that Whale dives? 

When it’s gone…

After I got that notice, I sat back at my desk and reflected. 

I realized how focused I’d been.  How the Whale had skewed my perspective, and I’d built an obsession.  

Any time it’s only a single focus (a single revenue stream, product, or service), you’re setting yourself up.

Building your own whaling ship.  Chasing your Whale.

Yes, it’s critical to get one offer working. 

But I hadn’t built multiple revenue streams, or more accurately, I hadn’t built the other ones big enough to keep obsession from creeping in.

But, not all was lost…

And, I got excited.

In effect, I had my obsession broken.

This was much more than relief…it was joy.  Melissa even commented about it a few days later…J

How cool!

I’d lashed myself to The Whale, but now I was free! 

Can you imagine this happing in your business?

Have you wondered if change would capsize the boat? 

Are you building and refining a system that keeps building multiple clients, revenue streams, and options?

That’s what my 7 leaks checkup is all about…

Finding holes, organizing chaos, increasing sales…and building multiple goals into your systems.

Get away from the quest for the White Whale…chasing just that ONE goal.

The first step is just to reach out.  (No charge for this service.)

Let’s chat!

Brandon “Call me Ishmael” Pugsley

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