Green Eggs and Ham…the greatest sales book every sold

“I am Sam.”

“Sam I am.”

Right now every Father is smiling with the memory of reading Green Eggs and Ham for the 1,000th time 🙂

Sitting on the bed reading to the eager ears of your little ones. 

Sam literally chasing his “friend” all over the place trying to get him to try those accursed Green Eggs and Ham. 

Cajoling…persisting…and literally NEVER giving up.

Kids pretty much do this by design, and drive us nuts in the process. v

NO, really just means ask again… in another way.

Do you know how many times Sam asked, “Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?”

How many times he asked after he was told…NO?


TEN TIMES he was told no!

Here’s why I call Green Eggs and Ham the greatest sales book ever sold.

Sam followed up 10 times before he made his sale J

(I know…I know, when you’re reading it, it feels like 100.   But I digress…)

Because He didn’t just accept no and move on. 

He came up with another way to talk about those Green Eggs and Ham.  To present them in a new and entertaining way. 

This. Is. Brilliant. 

So, how many times do you follow-up with a lead? 

How many times do you talk to your audience…before they become a lead?

How many different ways do you present your program?


Imagine with me for just a second.

What would change in your program if you added 30 new leads to what you’re doing already?

What would change if you added just 6 more members?

And then you did it again next month.  And then the next month. 

Alright, enough stammering on.  It’s time to get on with this glorious Sunday.  

If you want to learn my whole system…

Brandon “Happy Father’s Day” Pugsley

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