Get over that line in the sand

Ever heard the expression?

No matter where you are in your journey, there are going to be barriers. 

1-man-band, small biz, all the way to Fortune 100 companies.  There’s a lot more mess than you’d think.

Those little “tasks” that consume your day, and keep you from the focus on things that are the best use of your time. 

Personally, I find it easy to drop into this mode.  It really happens when I’m trying to deal with ambiguity or overload…when I’m really trying to get a campaign or funnel defined and launched.

But at a certain point…it has to go.

That’s the line in the sand.

That point where you have to cut off a task…delegate it, ship it, outsource it…

But it needs to come off your to-do list so you move on to the next project.

That’s what really makes a difference for your business. 

So, I’m sitting here in the Creative Cabin overlooking Lake Washington…and we have a small group of entrepreneurs running through a 4-day intensive.

And what’s interesting is the cross-talk within the group.

Seeing how they deal with the line in the sand.  And how the group pushes each other to solve those problems…

Yes, we’re working through some training, but the real breakthroughs happen during the breaks and the after-hours.

And I want to give you a nice tip the Peng Joon gave… 

When he attends a live event, as they day progresses he makes a list of things that he needs to do.

Not next month.  Not next week.  Not even tomorrow.

That day.

Peng is one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, and here he is in a small group getting put through the ringer with the rest of us…

SO, if he’s diving down and learning…what’s my excuse J

Do it today!

Brandon “Take Action Daily” Pugsley

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