Flattening The OTHER curve…

“It is not our mistakes who define who we are, but how we recover from them that defines us” – Unknown

I was on a ‘check-in’ call with a client yesterday.

Simply, my goal was to support, encourage, and of course to help with the recovery.  

I was shining the light on his blind spots and positioning them to act faster…  

I’m already seeing a common pattern. 

He’s doing a great job taking care of his existing clients.

Got Zoom up and running.  Sending out email and videos.  Engaging with his list.

He’s doing everything right, and yet…he’s still lost a big portion of his business.

This is inevitable.  

Virtually everyone is going to go through this…

There may be a few unicorns out there, but that’s definitely the exception.

So, let’s talk about flattening the curve…and NO…it has nothing to do with the virus. 

Picture the virus curve for a sec…all the graphics you’ve seen on the news.

See that big spike?  

Well that’s representative of your lost revenue.  The problem is…a peak (or valley) is only visible in the rear view.  Once it’s complete…

This is the same as a HOT stock.  Past results…blah…blah…blah…

SO, how do we minimize the peak?  How do we flatten the loss curve?

The #1 and most important thing you can do now is to expand your focus…rather than retract.

I’ve navigated multiple downturns, led multiple businesses through tough times, and the winners do this every. single. time.


People, communities, businesses are looking for leadership.  If you do that, if you provide leadership…then you’re in an ideal situation to FLATTEN your curve, minimize the damage and recover faster.

Plus, an additional benefit is that this also expands your opportunity for growth because you’ll be addressing a much larger market. 

So…bottom line.  

Time to move forward!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the ROI on investments in a downturn greatly exceed those made when time are good.

So, that’s where we are…the time to strategically invest is now. 

Keep reaching out!

When you’re ready, here’s a couple of ways I can help:

  • If you’re a martial arts school owner…then reach out.  If there’s enough interest, I’ll create a free group to help you recover faster.  (Martial Arts has made an amazing impact to my life, so I’m just giving back to help).
  • Looking to build a Precise Path to free up your TIME?  (My goal?  A 3-day work week for me and those that want to come along).  Then I’m in the process of building out a free group to make that happen:   
  • Want to work directly with me to dial in your messaging and add leverage:  It’s a short video showing what I’m up to…
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