The First Rule of Change is…to PANIC!

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Facebook changes algorithm againIf you’ve opened up your Facebook page today, you’ve been pummeled… THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!!!!  The mighty Zuc has decided that there are too many slimy advertisers on Facebook. He must reclaim the pure notion that Facebook is a novel place where people only connect with their friends and families.  It’s definitely not the social media goliath that has over 1 billion daily users. ​ The big goal, as described by Zuc, is to refocus the company on a different metric. Namely, the quality of time users spend on the platform, rather than the quantity.​​ Now Facebook is a $18B company, with less than $1 million dollars of annual revenue coming from sources other than advertisers.  Or, in simpler terms, 96% of all Facebook revenue comes from ads.   Interesting… Note:  If you’d like a little help to outline your Facebook Videos.  Here’s a Free Download to get you going  1-Page Video Template

Facebook Isn’t Going to Stop Advertising

So, it’s pretty obvious that advertising isn’t going away, but what to make of the noise? And more importantly, what should you do about it?  Every business…local, online, big, little, mom & pop, virtual…  (Am I making my point yet?) must use whatever channels are available for it to grow, but these are all focused on 3 objectives:

1.  Get attention

If you’re using online methods to market your business, then you’re looking to build your audience and your list Just like a storefront business wants “walk up” traffic.  Because…you want…

2.  Covert the attention to sales

Having an audience does you no good without converting that attention int​​​​​​​o the life’s blood of your business…revenue Finally…

3.  Generate more sales (either repeat or referral)​​ ​​​​​

One time sales are nice, but keeping your existing customers and building from that base are critical success criteria.  To keep your business growing, you need products or services that people will buy again and again.  This simple premise builds a base that allows you to take on new ventures. In my experience, a mature company generates about 75% of their revenue from existing customers or recurring sales.

So, what does all this do to your Facebook advertising?

The first rule when change happens is to PANIC! Ok, maybe not… So, what do you do?  Let’s keep this really simple! The metric that Facebook is shifting focus to is RELEVANCE Score

Do I need to Change my Facebook Ads?

Maybe… You need to provide ads, articles, and videos that educate, entertain, and engage your audience. If you’re engaging with your ads, then your continue to do well and the platform will do exactly what it’s supposed to. If you’re trying to sell immediately to your audience, you may find that things are going to get a lot harder. Organic reach on Facebook has been about 3% for a long time now, so this isn’t really news. The key is to…

Provide Content that Actually Matters to your Audience

The absolute best way to accomplish that is still with video.

  • Keep it fun.
  • Show your product in use
  • Tell stories
  • Use animation
  • Teach about your subject
  • Show what to do
  • OR what not to do

Most of all.  Just be an active member in a social network, and quit trying to “get married on the first date”.

What Do I Do Next?

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