Falling on the production treadmill…

The dreaded faceplant…

Ever seen the “fail” videos?  You know the ones where you see a person running on a treadmill, and they stub their toe…and ‘boom’ the stumble and are whisked down the treadmill onto the floor.

Every once in a while you’ll see one where some young guy (it’s always the guy) hits the ground and immediately starts doing push ups…

Like he meant to faceplant.

We all chuckle at those videos…and are secretly thankful it wasn’t us.

Well, I faceplanted on the production treadmill this week.

One of my clients setup a live webinar, and asked me to get the funnel put together, and review the campaign.


(I get excited over webinars because they’re so valuable both for content as well as sales).

Got the slides…check.

Pages built…check.

Automation verified…check.

Email written (There were a lot of these)…check.

Webinar ran…check.


A minor glitch, but everything came off pretty well and we’re setting up another live session for next week.

I hear ya, “If it worked Brandon, where’s the problem?”

Well, you’re reading it.

Even though I wrote a ton of copy this week, I didn’t send you anything for several days.

I suck.

Yes, I met my deadlines, but I also fell into what I consider the easiest pattern we face.

The transition between marketing and production.

I feel into the production trap this week, and didn’t talk with you.

And here I am trying to turn a fail into pushups…not cool.

It’s a very easy thing to do, and I see it in virtually every business.

So, a quick task as we come into this weekend:

Send an email or video, article, clip, webinar…or whatever to the people who have entrusted you with their contact info.

It’s the long game, so don’t worry about perfect.

Just talk with them (like I am here), and help them a little.

Have a great weekend! 

Brandon “taking imperfect action” Pugsley

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