“Facebook is like the fridge”

“Even when you know there’s nothing new going on….

…you still go and check it every 10 minutes.”

I know…really lame joke.

But there’s a key lesson in there.

When people are making bad jokes about how everyone is always on Facebook, you know that we’re looking at the land of normal from in the rear-view.

Really…there are even “disorders” for Facebook now.

But it’s not going anywhere… 

The world has changed, and as we all know it doesn’t go back.

Look at the business world.

Social is now so ingrained that the big Fortune businesses have whole departments dedicated to figuring out what works on the platform.

What we see are the typical aspirational ads from these orgs…

We see the “feel good” stories that we’ve come to expect


Because when they do anything else, it fails miserably.

So what about you?

I’m pretty certain that you don’t have a pile-O-cash to play “spin-the-creative” with Facebook until you stumble upon what actually connects?

There’s also that whole I need to make money quick, so I have the opportunity to scale without taking a second mortgage. 

And…Facebook continues to push updates that are about keeping the platform focused on the user experience. 

Ok…ok.  I hear ya screamin’…

What do we need to do?

Well, I have a unique opportunity for you to actually figure it out.

Brandon “No more guessing” Pugsley

P.S.  That’s not an affiliate link, I’ve already been through this program.  It’s not expensive and it’s a skill that business must have to succeed today…

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