Existing Ad Account Setup

I’m going to walk you through setting up your Facebook Business Manager account, adding your existing Ad account(s) to it, and then giving Agile Innovations access.

1.) Find your existing Ad Account ID

  • Navigate to your Facebook Ad account for your business.
  • Check the URL to find the Ad Account ID (it’s listed some other places, but this is the most consistent). It looks like this (the bolded part below):

  • Save that number someplace (or just leave this tab open)

2.) Setup your Business Manager account.

  1. Go to to setup a free account.
  2. Complete the four part signup process.
    • Step 1 – nothing to do here, just click “Next”
    • Step 2 – Choose the one that best describes your business. If you don’t know, choose “Advertiser”.
    • Step 3 –
      • Enter your business name (you can change it later)
      • Choose the primary Facebook page for this business
    • Step 4 – Enter your name and your business email address.

3.) “Claim” your existing Ad Account in Business Manager

– In the left nav menu go to “Claim Assets -> Ad Account”


– Enter the Ad Account ID.

4.) Assign Agile Innovations as a “Partner”

Now that everything is setup for your business it’s time to invite FunnelOwl to your account.

Click here for the step-by-step to assign Agile Innovations as a “Partner”