Ever felt a body shot…

Have you ever been hit hard in the ribs?
The thud, sucking of air, deep pain that makes you want to curl up on the floor in the fetal position.  

Trust me when I say this is ​not a pleasant experience, and one that will change behavior really quick.  
My whole family studies martial arts…even the smallest one at 3.
And my oldest is testing for his Black Belt in about a week…he’s pretty excited.
Watching him move through his journey has been fascinating, and the last few weeks have seen the greatest change.
When he first started sparring (just a simple controlled fight) he would throw ONE technique.
Literally, he would take…like, a running start and throw a punch.
Just one.
Then, he’s run back out of range and the dance would start over again.
This went on for what seemed like years… 
One technique at a time…run it, hit, run out.
I cringed, laughed, and wondered when he would “get it”.
Eventually, we saw a couple of techniques.  Then blocking.  And, then over the last few weeks actual sparring.

He’s developed his favorites, and knows when to apply them to create action in his opponent.​​
As entrepreneurs, we live this same pattern.

We learn a technique.  Run in, use it.  Run out, and then see if it worked.

But…we know that combinations are where the magic happens.​  (otherwise your audience get’s bored and leaves).
The skill needed to deal with all this change, plus someone trying to hit back, takes time and experience.
You can feel the impact of a hit, but the why it happened is much harder to figure out.
Skill is cumulative…just like experience.
The more you do it, the more lessons you learn.  The more combination you can apply, and the less you get hit where it hurts.
Just like my son, testing for his Black Bet…
When you put all those skills together, in the right sequence, you advance very fast.

​​Let’s put a bow on this to make it executable.
Your ‘go to” combo…what is it?

The most important one is your hook and your offer.
Getting someone to pay attention is the hardest thing…your hook.
It’s that first technique that can creates a response.

But, if you can’t block (your offer)…you just get hit.
The good news, it’s easy to build and test hooks because your market will tell you.
So, test ONE new hook every week, use social and watch the reaction.  This simple little drill builds your combo skills.
Even better, you won’t get hit as often 🙂 
Brandon “Throw more hooks” Pugsley

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