A Smarter Approach to Keeping More Customers

Is this happening to your customers?

I’ve been hearing an increasing number of discussions and conversations about this same topic…

In speaking with entrepreneurs and business owners, and really looking at what they are sending to their customers, I have heard a recurring theme about them not being as responsive as they used to be.

So what is the reason?

Honestly, it’s pretty simple.

Customers don’t want to be “sold to” all the time.

That doesn’t mean we should stop communicating with our customers, and abandon email marketing.

From a pure engagement perspective, email marketing provides an “open rate” of almost 20%. 1.  For customers that have given your permission to email them, the open rates are almost 40% or higher.

To say that there isn’t significant value to you in your list would be extremely foolish.  A common phrase heard is, “the money’s in the list”.

It is still as true today as it was several years ago.

Now, your customers do expect you to market to them.  They did sign up for your list, and they did give you permission to contact them.

It’s ok…really…

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You Need to Provide Consumable Value

In permission-based marketing, you must provide something of value to your clients just for them to give you their email address.

Without permission, it’s just spam and that is not what we’re talking about.

Fundamentally, and this is kind of important, that agreement does not go away after they have downloaded your lead magnet.

Your side of the agreement is to provide value.

Obviously your benefit is that you get to make your product or service offering to an extremely targeted audience, but it doesn’t mean that a constant barrage of sales messages is acceptable.

You don’t want to be the Jehova’s witness, knocking on the door, interrupting your day, and generally being a “pest”.

Balance the communication so that you remain a welcome addition to your client’s inbox.

In short, provide enough value to your subscribers to that you are a welcome guest.

Have a Conversation with your Subscribers

Ok.  Maybe the term conversation is a little too literal.  Chit chat via email with several thousand people isn’t what I’m talking about…

Here’s a simple example.

When was the last time you sent your customers an email and asked if there is anything within your product/service that you could be doing better?

Some will recommend that you ask what products/services that they want.  I tend to move away from that line of thinking.

Henry Ford articulated that problem this way, “If I had asked my customers what they wanted….it would have been for a faster horse”.

You are the entrepreneur. It’s your business, and you solve their problem or provide them with a superior experience, etc.

Engaging in conversation provides much more benefit to you than the simple transmission of bytes.  Look for opportunities to provide value that is related to your business, or market, or maybe just a peek at you as a person.

A nice side effect of engaging with your email list, meaning real back and forth, is that the ISP’s (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) rate your email higher and make it less likely to end up in the “spam” folder.

Show a genuine Interest in your Customers

Businesses that have longevity honestly care about the experience of their customers.

This is really critical.  This CANNOT be faked.  If you fake interest, you will have fractured the trust of your customer.  Simply…they will leave.

Remember that raving fans are created from their experience with you, rather than because you created a great product or service.

There have been plenty of cartoons shown on television.  However, there’s only one Disney!

If your customers are just a number, you are missing out on so much more.

It’s 10x harder to get a new customer than it is to keep the one you already have!

SO, you decide…

From the human perspective, I love working with my “customers”.

Over time, friendships have developed, and opportunities that I could never have imagined have become available through my “customers”…

Without genuine interest, you’re just…another corporate suit.

Not the approach we want to take…


Take advantage of the permissions you have gained to market to your list.

Provide value, and engage with your customers.

Remember that they are people and want to do business with other people, not a “corporate brand”.

Show a genuine interest, and see the positive growth it brings.

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