Eliminate Prospecting Pain and Suffering

Had a great discussion a couple of days ago with a program owner. 

We were talking shop, and he’s killing it in what is traditionally a slow month.


Well he’s following the #1 rule of prospecting… 


I’ve seen it over and over.

A Lion when leading the program.

A lamb when prospecting.

Let me be clear…I have absolutely zero judgement here. 

Cold prospecting is the worst way to build any business.  Nobody. Likes. It.

Even a simple ‘hand out cards to strangers right outside your front door’ wears on you. 

People rush by, walk faster, avoid eye contact, and some are even rude.

And here’s the result, even when it works…

You connect with a prospect, maybe even more than one.

You spend a few minutes talking with them, planting the seeds of a potential relationship.

Everything looking to be going well. 

You get them through the mental wickets that every person has, get them into a consult…

And then…

You’re ghosted like a teenage boy who hasn’t figured out how to talk to a girl!

Oh, for the love of Pete…

Reality is, I know that you’ve gained some level of comfort talking to strangers.  To cold prospecting.

But…would you like to eliminate some of that cold prospecting, and deal with prospects who are actually looking forward to hearing from you?

What if you built and connected in a similar way as you do with your students?

Does that fit your strengths and your habits better?

(I know I find it a lot more enjoyable…and a lot more profitable too.

Well, you may be thinking, “sounds like hype”.

But if you suspend your completely understandable and well deserved skepticism for just a minute…

You’ll walk through a new door and your market will open up for you in ways you didn’t even know was possible.

Not a miracle, just good ol’ human behavior.  

Now, I’m not saying to stop cold prospecting.

I am saying that a daily message can do a lot of the heavy lifting.

And it’s perfect if you hate ‘cold prospecting’.

Alright, time to stop beating this ‘hype’ drum. 

If you want to learn my daily message system, the early bird page is here:

Brandon “Ever the skeptic” Pugsley

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