Don’t make me think

A few days ago, I was doing research for a health insurance plan for my business.

Definitely not “the big sexy” of jobs, but important nonetheless.

So, between Melissa and I, we’ve probably been on 50 company websites looking for how to navigate this maze.

What an amazing experience…

(I hope you sarcasm alarm just went off 🙂

Wow!  And, not in a good way either.

Text, images, pop up boxes, waaaay too much text, no simple contact method, no follow-up and the list goes on.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to actually get insurance, or even talk to an agent.

Imagine that, an insurance broker that wouldn’t return a contact…

Felt like I was looking for a unicorn.

Now, eventually we did find our unicorn, but the amount of lost leads and sales due to the utter and catastrophic confusion created by their “marketing” must be staggering.

Simple and clear.

Two words that every business owner should take to heart.

Yeah…that and follow-up.

I’ve seen stats that claim only 1-2% of sales are made on the first contact. 

If they’re true, that math makes is crystal that following up is like oxygen to making sales. 

It’s the breath of life for everyone but the giants (you know who they are).

So…why do we vomit so much junk onto our website.  And then use the same boring,  sterile “templates” for follow-up? 

Because it’s easy.  We’re human.  And…most are not taught anything different.

Well, that “don’t make me think” clarity of message is just one of the topics I cover in my marketing audit.

If sales are a priority, then drop me a note.  We’ll deep dive on what you have, and break out any revenue pockets that you can take advantage of right now. And, there’s no cost.   

But you have to reach out to make it happen…

Let’s chat!

Brandon “Breaking it down” Pugsley

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