Don’t do this if you want to compete on price…

“the key to rapid success as a preeminent business is to fall in love with your clients.” ― Jay Abraham

All around there was activity…

People heading off to work.  A traffic jam in the distance.  Sirens coming from the other direction.

Yet, here was this peacefulness and quiet looking over Lake Washington.

The largest lake in Washington state, yet it looked almost like a pond.  Even the wind seemed to ignore it, as I could see the leaves move but no ripples or waves were evident.

Can you feel the wind?

Email, troubleshooting, customer service, hobbies, kiddos, schedules…the list goes on.

If you’re anything like me you can fill a day with this stuff…and it doesn’t seem to matter what it’s about.

What about the waves?

Marketing to new clients, sales targets that keep things moving, and client fulfillment to ensure you deliver. 

The time can easily be washed away, and you know that you need to get work

Yet, these are critical pieces of your business, and you have to pay attention.

But what if we simplify.  What’s the most important thing when it comes to your clients?


So, how do you get to that calm?

It starts with perspective.

Have you noticed that when your head is down, everything seems like a big deal.

That technical issue.  The customer support ticket.  Meetings that consume the day.

Where’s that time to think…to gain perspective?

I’ve studied Jay Abraham for many years, and one of his tenants is to, “love your clients”.

For me, I’ve found that this starts with that peaceful time.  The time to think, clear your mind, and look down at your business.

It’s critical, yet often ignored…mostly because it’s easy to do with everything else that’s going one.

So, take 30 minutes and reflect. 

How are you selling your relationship with your clients? 

Before.  During.  And…after the purchase.

People can buy from anyone, but they chose to buy from YOU!

Thanks worth celebrating, and worth taking the time to think about…

Because when it becomes a priority, you automatically stand apart in your market.

Brandon “It’s about the connection” Pugsley

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