Does ‘copywriting’ actually hurt?

I’ve been having this recurring thought lately.

I study direct response copy, I write a lot, and I’m extremely thankful for…

The legends who documented what they did so we could learn.

The “how to’s” and tactics that are talked about today by most sales and marketing leaders.

And for the skills that can be built and leveraged with nothing but a pen, paper, and a commitment.

The principles of direct response have not, and will not change.  They’re based upon the psychology of people and human behavior.  Study them pay attention to them, and prosper from that in your business.


The tactics needed to apply at a specific point in time change dramatically.

In the book Pendulum, How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict our Future by Roy H. Williams, they talk about the “I” and the “We” generations.

Paraphrasing, but the “I” and the “We” are the apexes of the pendulum that swings through time. 

Currently, we’re nearing the apex of a “we”.  

This has a dramatic effect on the psychology of your buyer.  If you approach them with tactics (and strategy) based upon the “I” apex…

Glorious failure shall be the result…  🙂

You can see this just by watching the pretty seismic changes happening across virtually every platform.

People getting the ad accounts, and even the personal profiles shut down from social media platforms like Facebook.

The ever mysterious “Google slap”, which can virtually erase your website from the planet.

And of course, your constantly evolving audience’s buying patterns.

We have to adjust…always.  

Elements of direct response are as effective as ever, but they packaging you deliver it in is the critical piece that changes.

So, as you head into “Black Friday Month”…or whatever the buzz is now, watch what you’re actually reading and be a critical observer.

I’ll have an upcoming training on how I’m leveraging some specific elements that make “copy” much easier to produce.

Even better, you won’t need months or years of copy training to make it work for you either…

Brandon “Grateful for the pioneers” Pugsley

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