Does “copy” even matter?

Subj:  Does “copy” even matter?

Got this question from one of my clients today.

He’s getting ready to launch a new product, and he’s a hard charging…fire…then consider aiming kind of guy.

(I love his energy)

Anyhoo, he had put together a video and wanted to know if it would do good on Facebook.

After a quick peek, I recorded a video and sent it to him where I broke down the pattern he needed to follow for all his videos.

It’s based on something I was taught, and it doesn’t even get into copy, persuasion, or anything like that.


Because the best person who could possible sell your product is you!  Good copy can take a good product and make it great, but it can’t do anything with a bad product or program.

And, putting together a video is actually pretty simple if you follow this format…

Want to see the video?

(It’s an ugly video that isn’t produced and is about 3 minutes)

Ok….here you go:  One Ugly video 🙂

Brandon “Keep selling simple” Pugsley

P.S. Of course I think copy matters…but it matters a whole lot more when you deliver an amazing product or service. That’s when you can build an offer that sings…

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