Do you hit your audience over the head?

I got this question about how I use a CTAs from a client.


I noticed that [my email] doesn’t really have a CTA.

It’s a bit implied by what’s being said and the link to the course at the end of the mail. However, usually I’ve been told over and over again to make the CTA crystal clear and very actionable etc.

Is this done on purpose here, and if so, why?


Here was part of my response… 

What I will say is the awareness level of your audience applies to email as well as ads, and they’re typically further along the scale.

And, if I may lead you ever so gently with a nice conversation…then the next step I want you to take is….

Obvious. đź™‚


The question actually gets to a deeper issue.

What’s important to you?

Is it open rates, click through rates, sales… what?

When you talk to your audience frequently (and daily would be the ideal) then you’re developing a relationship.

You don’t need to worry about “list fatigue” because not everything is a pitch.

By actually caring about your audience, and talking to them about more than just the next product you’re trying to sell you actually build all those things that goo-roos like to spout from stage…

You know all that know, like, and trust stuff.

I’m not saying to stop making a pitch in your email because I do believe that every email should have some CTA within it.

BUT, I am saying that email isn’t a club to continually hit your audience over the head until they buy. 

That practice is a really fast way to ensure that your email is buried in the promotion folder or the spam box. 

Be real and connect to the issues you solve, and email will naturally grow your business because people will want to hear from you.

Brandon “More than a pitch” Pugsley

PLUS:  When you’re ready…here are a couple of ways I can help you in your business:

1. Email Case Study

If you have an email list of 400 or more, you may be surprised on what you already have.  If your list is bigger…the opportunity is significant.

As a case study, I’ll work with you one-on-one and we’ll setup a few email to send to your list and document the results.

Just put “Email case study” in the subject line, and I’ll send you the details.

2. Results First

If you’re already making some sales, running a series of campaigns (funnels), and know your leaking customers and revenue.  Or, if you want to strategically lay out and reverse engineer from your results.  Just reply and put “results” in the subject line. 

3. Work with me One-on-One

If you’d like to work directly with me to work up an “evil mastermind” scheme that will scale your business…just reply and put “Scale” in the subject line…tell me a little about your business, what you’d like to work on, and I’ll get you all the details.

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