Do you celebrate the little things too?

Yesterday was Eli’s birthday.

He turned 9, and ran around all day with the typical energy expected of Taz.

He ran and played.  Opened a couple of little gifts from his brothers and sisters.  Smiled and laughed as we sang Happy Birthday.  And burned sticks in the fire on our patio.

No big extravagant presents, parties…just a nice day of little victories. 

This morning as I sit here writing to you he says to me, “I really enjoyed baking the cake”.

Such a little thing…

It’s amazing to me how frequently the little things add up and create a big deal.

I can look back at the major accomplishments.  The big contracts, the big deals, and the successes I’ve had.

Just a series of small steps, small victories, like dominos that lead to something bigger.

What about you? 

Do you look for the big things, or break things down into smaller pieces?

Do you need to see the whole picture in your head, or can you start out and just act?

There’s no right answer here, as long as your improving and moving forward.

What about your Facebook ads? 

I can tell you that I see a lot of people that treat ads like this massive task.  And it becomes something that’s much bigger than it needs to be.

Today is the last day to get this ad testing program. 

I’ve been through it, and recommend it highly. 

(Simple and actionable).​​

It’s a 14-day sprint that teaches you how to test  either new ads, or work on improving your existing results. 

Really, it’s that first small step…

Brandon “Little victories add up” Pugsley

P.S.  Have a wonderful Sunday!  

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