Ditch productivity and build vision instead

Yesterday my wife asked if I’d come with her to IKEA.

So, looking to stop being so productive…we all piled into the truck (all 6 of us), and started off on the journey to the land of grown up toys.

IKEA does a lot of things really, really well.  It’s really a master’s class in marketing through every step of the store.

From the ‘one way’ walkway which gives a clear path through the store, and doesn’t allow easy exit.

To the strategically placed products in the isles, the food court that makes it easy to keep shopping, and even the way they package their products for easy consumption.

Every objection is handled with a product that makes it simple and easy…like their tools so you can put them together.

But, the thing that they do the best is what they do to your vision.

When you go into most stores, you’re given a simple way to purchase a product.  Isle after isle of products stacked up, put on display, and available to you…

But IKEA does it differently.

They literally SHOW you hundreds of ways to use their products.  Every “room” has various products built, teaming with creativity and possibility.

It’s actually a fun experience to go through their stores…just to get ideas.

Well, a quick translation for you…

Once you have attention, vision closes the mental loop and people buy.

So tomorrow I’ll show you a brutally simple way to get more attention.

As for today, you already know that buying is an emotional activity…and that it’s justified with logic.

I want to complete that puzzle with the piece that’s consistently neglected…


That’s what IKEA does better than anyone…they give you the vision of how to use their products. 

Now, emotion + vision = waaayy more sales.

How can you create the vision in your products or services?  Well, that’s the type of specific process we take our private clients through…and it moves the needle.

But, the clearer you can paint the picture…

A glorious river of sales, or a mangled wreck of twisted metal.

The more emotionally compelling your offer becomes…

Brandon “Create vision for your audience” Pugsley

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