An Ideal Customer Profile mini-class from Periscope

Ideal Customer Profile mini-class

Ideal Customer Profile mini-class

I don’t know about you, but being on camera makes me want to break out in a cold sweat.

But, I learned a long time ago that being comfortable was a quick way to go backward.  I also have committed to you to share what I’m doing, and be transparent about how it’s going.  Have you watched any video? Do you like this format?  Is it valuable to you?

I have heard a tremendous amount about the potential impact of video in general, and a lot about “live”.

SO, I’m curious and before I could talk myself out of it…I decided to try out Periscope.

I cleaned this up a bit, but here it is…my first live stream!  It’s not a blog post, but I do expand on some tips and techniques you can use today to get really clear on your Ideal Customer Profile.  Kind of a mini-coaching session…

Follow me on Periscope, and catch me Live the next time right here: Periscope

Enjoy, and have a great week!


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