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Thanks for your interest in my freelance direct response copywriting services ….

If you’ve never hired a freelance copywriter before or you’re seeking a good direct response copywriter I’m sure that you have questions. If we were sitting face-to-face, chatting in your office, you’d ask me questions.  Let me try to answer a few of those questions right here.

By way of a short introduction, my experience provides you the benefit of someone who combines writing skill and sales ability.  Someone who understands digital marketing, and the technological expertise to deliver copy that clearly connects with your customers and drives clicks, conversions, and sales.

“What Are Your Qualifications as A Freelance Direct Response Copywriter?”

I specialize in B2B and Email direct response copywriting.  I bring extensive experience in copywriting and sales ability, and combine that knowledge with digital marketing and a deep understanding of how to connect technology to users.

My specialties include:
* B2B Copywriting
* Email Auto-responders (drip sequences) / Landing Pages / Squeeze Pages
* white papers, marketing materials, brochures, video scripts
* e-books and other business related writing projects
* Facebook Ad copy

Before turning to freelancing, I ran marketing, business development, and business organizations that delivered software, IT products and services to many customers and organizations.  I also had the overarching responsibility to generate strategy, messaging, copy, lead generation, and of course meet revenue goals.

My experience with software and IT, B2B, long term nurturing and conversion, and strategic implementation allows you to benefit from more than 18 years of experience successfully marketing 100’s of offers to a wide variety of customers.

About 80% of my clients are B2B within the IT and Software domains.  In the last few years, I’ve been delivering more direct response copy for clients in a wider variety of markets.

I’ve written copy and consulted for companies specializing in:
* Software Products (SaaS and product based) & Services
* Information Technology (IT)
*Aerospace & Defense
* Martial Arts / Self-Defense
* Real Estate
* Law (Lawyers)
* Facebook Ads / Marketing Agencies
* Coaching / Consulting

I’ve given seminars on direct response copywriting and digital marketing for a number of companies and clients.  Been extensively trained in digital marketing, and Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula a very deep understanding on how consumers buy via internet marketing.

I’ve been trained in direct response copywriting by AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc), Digital Marketer, and I’m a member of the Professional Writers Alliance.

“Do You Have A Technical Background?”

My technical background is primarily built from my experience running technology based companies.

I’ve actually written software and database SQL, led software designs as an engineer, been formally trained as a DBA, and managed products and programs that delivered multiple releases a year.

I was often the target of B2B copy, and was responsible for targeting other businesses with products and services.

I’ve written copy for software (SaaS & Product based), information technology, professional services, consulting services, training, online information marketing, and a few other areas.  I’ve actively marketed and sold technical products and services for 18 years to businesses and customers.

I hold multiple degrees, including a B.S. and M.S. in Information Systems Management.

More important to you; however, I’m a direct response copy trained specialist. Nurturing leads and turning them into sales with email, presentations, white papers, brochures, and online and direct response copy is how I make my living.

So I put all my skill, experience, and know-how into every piece of direct response copy I write.  After writing hundreds of emails, landing pages, white papers, brochures and even sales letters for people like you, I’ve learned how to sell to decision makers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, managers, purchasing agents, engineers, IT professionals, and even information product buyers.

“Do You Have Experience In My Field?”

If you sell to businesses, industry, or through direct response, chances are I have copywriting experience that aligns with your type of product or service.

I’ve worked many years within corporations, and thus much of my work history is covered by non-disclosure agreements.

The simplest way to find out, give me a call, and I’ll be completely transparent in how closely your product or service align with my experience.

“What Kinds Of Projects Do You Handle?”

A large percentage of my freelance copywriting projects are writing copy for B2B projetcts focused on IT, SaaS, Software Products, and other similar technology based offers.

I support a number of clients online with email campaigns, landing pages, squeeze pages, whitepapers, and sales letters.

And I write copy for many other marketing communications including Facebook ads, feature articles, press releases, sales brochures, newsletters, and web page copy.

I’ve built my business through my ability to write clear, credible, persuasive copy about a wide variety of products and services, from the simple to the highly technical.  I’m able to quickly grasp complex marketing problems, and translate technology benefits so they’re desirable to the targeted audience.

Clients appreciate the fact that I can sit down with their team (e.g. engineers, doctors, lawyers, software engineers, and even executives) ask intelligent questions, and speak their language.

Obviously I can’t predict how many responses my emails, landing page, or sales letter will pull for you.  But I can–and do–guarantee your satisfaction with the copy you receive.

“Speaking Of Money, What Does It Cost To Hire You For A Project?”

For any copywriting project–an email autoresponder (aka, drip sequence), a landing page, a sales letter, a white paper, a newsletter–just let me know what you have in mind and I’ll quote you a price.

“How Long Will It Take You To Write My Copy?”

Each project is unique.  An email autoresponder campaign can be done in 1-2 weeks, or sooner.  However, the breadth and depth of the project really drives duration.

Ideally, I like to have 2-4 weeks for direct response copywriting projects. That gives me the time to review, polish, and edit until I believe you’ll be satisfied with the copy. And it will get you results.

I realize that time is critical to every business, and you can’t always wait.  If your direct response copywriting project is a rush, just tell me the date when you must receive the copy.  If I take on the job, I guarantee that you’ll have the copy on your desk by your deadline date–or sooner.

“What Happens If We Want You To Revise The Copy?”

Just tell me what you want improved, what the changes are, and I’ll make them.  Simple.

Two rounds of revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed to for the project.  Revisions need to be communicated within 30 days of your receipt of the copy.  They also cannot be based on a change to the project made after copy submission.

Most clients are pleased with my copy when they receive it.  But if you are not 100% satisfied, I will revise the copy according to your specific guidelines…at my expense.

“How Do I Order From You?”

Putting me to work for you is easy:

  1. First, just tell me what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to.
  2. Send me your brochure, or any other literature that gives me the background information I need to write your direct response copy. Use my online form as a guideline. But don’t worry about organizing anything–I’ll do that.
  3. If I have any questions, I’ll pick up the phone and ask.
  4. Give me approval to proceed, and I’ll write the project for you.

You will receive your copy on or before the deadline date.  And remember: it is guaranteed to please you.

So… why not try my freelance direct response copywriting service for your next email marketing autoresponder, landing page, or sales letter?  I promise you’ll be delighted with the results.

Very respectfully, Brandon

P.S. If you have an immediate need for a freelance direct response copywriter, call me right now at+1 571-293-1083 or email me the details at

There’s never a charge to discuss your project, and you’ll get a cost estimate.  Of course, no obligation to buy.