Conditions are perfect for a thunderstorm of sales

It’s already the 3rd week of July, and you know what that means.

Thunderstorm season.

The heat and humidity build gradually all day, till it feels like we’re on “hell’s front porch”.

Yesterday is was 94 by about 11, and humid as all-get-out.  Ended up with a “feels like” of 114…ugh…

I already knew a micro-cell would pop up in the late afternoon.  When we get all that heat and humidity, we always end up with some serious thunderstorms.

Lightening.  Wind.  Hard rain.  Even the occasional tornado.

Serious stuff.

Yesterday, a good cell came up over the mountain (or molehill depending on where you live) and we got hit with some straight line winds, a little hail, and a ton of lightening.

Sitting inside the house, watching the tress get blown around like crazy…I started laughing.

The kids looked at me like I’d lost my marbles, but I see this same flailing every day.

People getting blown around like a tree in a storm.

Knowing they need to keep sales coming in, but they’re doing so many things that it looks like a big maple tree in a thunderstorm. 

Branches swaying.  Leaves falling.  Lots of noise. 

But…no sales.

When was the last time you talked with your tribe? 

Video, bots, and all these fancy things are great…but email is the undisputed heavy weight champ when it comes to actually making sales.

So, when was the last time you talked to your audience?

And talked to them in a way that built towards sales?

Well, if you have a list and an offer, you’re sitting at 115 degrees and high humidity.

The conditions are perfect for a major storm…just need that spark 🙂

Grab a spot in my calendar, and I’ll help you ID any revenue pockets that you can take advantage right now. 


But you have to reply to this email to make it happen…

Brandon “the rainmaker” Pugsley

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