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Would you walk away from more than 6-figures a year?

They said I was crazy…but maybe you can relate. I’d spent years building up to this, and as I look at what had been built I realized something. And…it kind of turned my stomach. I could work in the business that I’d built for years to come, but there were things missing. First and foremost […]

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Leadership, Experience, Adventures, and Memories

For the Fathers other there, you’re building a foundation that is not only seen.  It becomes part of your children.  Simply because… When you lead by example… When you face the challenges and obstacles that every entrepreneur does… When you challenge yourself to overcome your shortcoming… You set up your children for success, happiness, and the […]

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Is The “Next Class” Keeping You From Success?

A big part of the growth of any business is staying in front of the trends.  The problem begins when we spend more time “learning”, rather than implementing. Let’s go a little deeper, and I’ll give you the perfect example of who beats this better than anyone… Enjoy the journey!   [FREE DOWNLOAD] The Facebook Page […]

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