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Flattening The OTHER curve…

“It is not our mistakes who define who we are, but how we recover from them that defines us” – Unknown I was on a ‘check-in’ call with a client yesterday. Simply, my goal was to support, encourage, and of course to help with the recovery.   I was shining the light on his blind […]

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Aqua Net, big hair, and building attention…

I heard the music playing. Sounded like an old Jefferson Starship song, but it was kinda quiet…across the house.  Next up was Weird Al.  Then some Queen.  What happened next was more earthquake than anything else… As I bounded down the stairs into the living room…instead of a move or a TV show I saw […]

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Have I received my daily death threat?

So, it’s come to this… We gauge the success of a marketing message is by the amount of vitriol and hate we receive back. One of my clients is running a really simple Facebook Ad.  It’s a short video where he’s talking about his service. Yet, he’s receiving messages like, “I hope you die’. The […]

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“Sniper at your feet”

Can you see them… ​​In the movie “Clear and Present Danger”, there’s a scene where there are about 6 trained soldiers looking for a sniper.     They have binoculars, experience, and a runners in the field that they can direct to find the sniper hiding in plain sight.    As he shoots the targets…over and […]

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One big idea …really

It’s a little after 4a. In a few hours I’ll be airborne, flying off to spend a couple of days going deep with a Real Estate client. For 2 days were going to mastermind on his business, and really drill deep. But on what?  Here’s what he’s looking for… —- THIS is where we should […]

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