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You never “find” time

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” – Anonymous I was talking with an entrepreneur a couple of days ago, and she was implementing some of the strategies we were working on, and she let out a deep sigh… “Things are crazy, and I’m having trouble making the time”. I was actually very […]

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Ditch productivity and build vision instead

Yesterday my wife asked if I’d come with her to IKEA. So, looking to stop being so productive…we all piled into the truck (all 6 of us), and started off on the journey to the land of grown up toys. IKEA does a lot of things really, really well.  It’s really a master’s class in […]

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Insanely unrealistic and unobtainable goals…

Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE, made a couple of tenants famous: Fire the bottom 10% every year Stretch goals Now these two strategies did wonders for GE, and made the company billions of dollars. It also destroyed countless people’s lives, caused unbelievable stress, health related issues, and has led to plenty of focus on […]

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Is The “Next Class” Keeping You From Success?

A big part of the growth of any business is staying in front of the trends.  The problem begins when we spend more time “learning”, rather than implementing. Let’s go a little deeper, and I’ll give you the perfect example of who beats this better than anyone… Enjoy the journey!   [FREE DOWNLOAD] The Facebook Page […]

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How To Reuse Your Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live is an extremely powerful feature that is now available to everyone. You get the opportunity to directly engage with your audience, and Facebook is encouraging you to use their platform so you also receive great reach when compared to a simple page post. By taking the initiative can creating a video, you also […]

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