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Surefire way to cannibalize your market

Think back to the last ah-maz-ing meal you had? Can you smell it?  Taste it?  Is your mouth watering a little?  Was it home cooked or at a restaurant? Now, did you share the experience, either with your friends or on social? My bet…probably yes. We love to share fantastic experiences.  And, even if you […]

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Bound and gagged by best practice

“We always use ‘best practice’ in our marketing.” That’s what I heard come from the owner, inwardly I cringed because I knew what that meant. But, I gently asked, “So you’re playing safe and telling your folks to hustle more?” Ok, maybe I wasn’t quite that direct…that would have put them on the defensive.  When […]

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The mistake of aiming for the middle

I’ve seen this same question multiple times in the last week…  (I modified this a little to remove their offer, but the language hasn’t been changed).  — The majority of these 80% don’t care that much about their [main benefit] because they just connect it to [what they want]. And someone who’s chasing wealth focuses […]

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The mother of all comfort foods…

It’s Thanksgiving and I wish you and your family a wonderful day of food, family and being together. Do you ever wonder about how foods got started? As the US gathers round the Thanksgiving table, there’s 1 side dish that will be served on more than 30 million tables this year. And it started as […]

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