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The First Rule of Change is…to PANIC!

If you’ve opened up your Facebook page today, you’ve been pummeled… THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!!!!  The mighty Zuc has decided that there are too many slimy advertisers on Facebook. He must reclaim the pure notion that Facebook is a novel place where people only connect with their friends and families.  It’s definitely not the […]

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How To Reuse Your Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live is an extremely powerful feature that is now available to everyone. You get the opportunity to directly engage with your audience, and Facebook is encouraging you to use their platform so you also receive great reach when compared to a simple page post. By taking the initiative can creating a video, you also […]

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How Are Local Businesses Reaching More Customers With Facebook?

As a local business, perhaps you have heard this…. “To get anyone to see your posts on Facebook, you have to pay!” or “Organic reach is dead!” Do you believe this? Well, yes it is all true. You can reach thousands of people everyday for free using Facebook.  (With some ifs…) When spend money on Facebook ads, your […]

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