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Rachel…Joel…and now Russ Henneberry (diving into content!)

“Just ship it!” – Russ Henneberry Content is often looked at as a massive undertaking.   Is like the Troll under the bridge…making scary noises, might even look big and bad, but you still have to get over that bridge.  But…do you REALLY have to?  Social is incredibly powerful, and that power cuts both ways. […]

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Flattening The OTHER curve…

“It is not our mistakes who define who we are, but how we recover from them that defines us” – Unknown I was on a ‘check-in’ call with a client yesterday. Simply, my goal was to support, encourage, and of course to help with the recovery.   I was shining the light on his blind […]

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Working from home…like every day. 4 kids bouncing through the house just to see if they can set off Mt. St. Daddy…. Is this a circumstance of the virus? Nope. It’s every day. But, this little virus has disrupted everything else in our, and everyone else’s life. There’s panic, and fear…I have have zero judgement […]

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Social media horror story…

“I have NO idea what to post about!”   Not saying he shouted it, but the grimace and frustration on his face was obvious. For others…the blank stare was even more telling.  Basically, pleading with me to tell him what to post. But my evil, diabolical ways are not that simple.  So I created a […]

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