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It’s a freaking robot…

We’re in the season of promotions. But what if your email never gets seen by the people on your list… In late September, Google rolled out their latest version of the Panda update. Now, they tell us a little about what’s going on, but seeing the impact on email has been huge. I’ve seen hundreds […]

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Anti-email mob targeting your future…

Every day there’s opportunity to write copy…landing pages, email, sales pages, and the list goes on. But, is this skill being targeted?  Let’s come back to that in just a minute… There are hundreds (thousands) of copywriting courses out there, and thousands and thousands of businesses that both use and don’t use professional copywriters and […]

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Beatings will continue until Sales improve

(No pitch included!) I don’t know about you, but I didn’t really pay attention to my email yesterday. Truth be told, this email may not see the light of day either… …because email boxes are overflowing with hype, more hype, deadlines, and all manner of business trying to create a feeding frenzy to separate you […]

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This is the easiest obsession…

How long do you work? I was reading an article about a famous music producer, and how he works.  He talked about how he comes in every day at 9, takes lunch at 1, and leaves at 5.  I loved this because in our world it’s very easy to get consumed by the clock. He […]

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How the tortoise and the hare both win…

Fast always wins. Slow and steady wins the race. I have a client that is an extreme hare.  He’s never met a project he doesn’t like, and is an amazing creative.  Puts the squirrel in ADH…oh look, a squirrel. I have another client that laser focuses in on ONE PROJECT.  He systematically works through every […]

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