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Insanely unrealistic and unobtainable goals…

Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE, made a couple of tenants famous: Fire the bottom 10% every year Stretch goals Now these two strategies did wonders for GE, and made the company billions of dollars. It also destroyed countless people’s lives, caused unbelievable stress, health related issues, and has led to plenty of focus on […]

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An 8 hour customer service call…

I hope you had very Merry Christmas. For kids, weeks of anticipation built… The shopping, the music, the TV shows, the commercials…everything. It builds until Christmas morning when it’s unleashed in a wave of flying paper, projectile bows, and squeals of joy. Then there’s the kids… J So, did you get what you want?  Or […]

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Leadership, Experience, Adventures, and Memories

For the Fathers other there, you’re building a foundation that is not only seen.  It becomes part of your children.  Simply because… When you lead by example… When you face the challenges and obstacles that every entrepreneur does… When you challenge yourself to overcome your shortcoming… You set up your children for success, happiness, and the […]

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