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Embrace the problem

“Calm down.  Analyze and assess the situation.” – Col. Hal Moore, US Army. I was a Military leader… In simple terms it meant that I had a team who depended on me, and who I depended upon. The military spends a lot of time training.  Spending a lot of thought, energy, and money to put […]

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Working from home…like every day. 4 kids bouncing through the house just to see if they can set off Mt. St. Daddy…. Is this a circumstance of the virus? Nope. It’s every day. But, this little virus has disrupted everything else in our, and everyone else’s life. There’s panic, and fear…I have have zero judgement […]

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Watching someone else celebrate…

BIIIINNNGGGG!!!   My phone went off…I bolted upright and my heart jumped to about 200 beats a minute. It was way too early in the morning. Something had to be wrong. (I turn off the sound on my phone.  But, my family all are setup as emergency contacts so everything will come through). I cleared the […]

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You don’t close the President

We’d just wrapped up… 3 years of work, countless hours, training, rework, adjusting to new intel…everything had gone into a 45 minute presentation. We then had about 30 minutes of questions. I was intently focused on the lady at the head of the table.   SHE was the President.   (Yes, I’ve actually briefed a former POTUS…but […]

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