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Brutally simple pattern interrupt…

Attention is the fuel that drives the machine. Without it…things can get tough. And when everyone is screaming, how do you stand out? I’ll give you this brutally simple pattern interrupt in just a second, but I’ve got to put it in context to show how effective it really is… The IKEA chaos… I told […]

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If you’re going to be stupid you might as well be smart…

The subject line is a quote from the great, and esteemed Bobby Singer of the TV show “Supernatural.” (Thanks ElBenbo) Seriously, how can losing 4-Billion dollars be anything other than out-of-your-mind, chased too many parked cars, playing on the freeway insane? Ok, Let’s take the red pill and check out…”the real”.  Because this is a perfect […]

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Losing $4,000,000,000 on Purpose?

Have you ever ran a promotion that bombed?  Have you ever lost customers…not prospects, but hard earned, trusted, valued, and paying customers because of an ad? A company just bet huge that being controversial will be good for business.  And they lost almost $4 Billion dollars  (that a 4 with 9 zeros!) in less than 24 hours* because […]

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The First Rule of Change is…to PANIC!

If you’ve opened up your Facebook page today, you’ve been pummeled… THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!!!!  The mighty Zuc has decided that there are too many slimy advertisers on Facebook. He must reclaim the pure notion that Facebook is a novel place where people only connect with their friends and families.  It’s definitely not the […]

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